Moments of happiness on Usedom

White sandy beaches shine endlessly, the wide pine forests on the shores have a slightly resinous scent, the sea tickles the palate with a soft and salty tickling – Usedom beguiles with its charms in every season. But perhaps the island is always best experienced when music from the atmospheric churches, the imperial villas, the sublime castles sounds – a harmony that you can hear and feel every year at the Usedom Music Festival – exclusive musical experiences, big stars, musical treasures in a maritime flair included, in short: moments of happiness on Usedom!

Sun-kissed and of natural beauty

With an average of 1,906 hours of sunshine per year, the sun shines nowhere else in Germany as frequently as on the country’s second largest island – the island of Usedom. In addition to the hours of sunshine, there is a 42 km long, up to 70 m wide, fine sandy beach, special climatic conditions, extensive forests, the dreamy landscape of the Achterwasser or the island’s north, as well as many lakes and small villages, which together guarantee a relaxing holiday. As a visitor to the concerts of the Usedom Music Festival, these corners will not remain hidden from you, be it during the evening walk before the concert or the enjoyable stop for a bite to eat.

Diverse landscapes of the arts

The scenic attractions of Usedom are joined by artistic diversity with charisma. In addition to the Usedom Music Festival as the event highlight with international significance in late summer, the Usedom Literature Days in spring have established themselves as a permanent fixture on the event calendar of the island of Usedom. Internationally outstanding authors such as Donna Leon, Martin Walser, Hans-Magnus Enzensberger and many more welcomes the literature serie every year and awards the Usedom Literature Prize to outstanding young writers. During the Usedom Music Festival, visitors also experience readings on the many different country focuses. Usedom’s reputation as an island of well-known visual artists is lived up to by the Usedom Music Festival with concerts in galleries and studios such as the Otto Niemeyer-Holstein studio. The festival thus combines the artistic tradition of the island with its mission to celebrate, discover and stage the music of the countries around the Baltic Sea amidst the unique maritime flair of Usedom.